This is your chance to access over 200 years of tapping experience!
Tapping is easy to learn in just a few minutes BUT it takes 
much more than a basic understanding of the tapping 
points to get the most out of your practice.
The biggest complaint I hear from my clients...
they don't know WHAT to say and they don't know WHERE to start
At the end of last year I conducted a survey of my clients to find out where they struggled the most with their tapping practices. Of the more than 160 people who gave me feedback, far and away the five most common struggles with tapping were:
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Having way too many issues to tap for
  • Not knowing what to say when tapping for a particular issue
  • Tapping consistently
  • Finding that tapping for one issue turns into an avalanche of emotions that feel too daunting to manage
Here's one comment that I found particularly touching. One of my clients wrote:
I read your question "What is your biggest struggle when it comes to tapping?" and I immediately thought "ME!" 

I understand the basics of tapping. I have taught lots of other people to tap. When a loved one tells me about something they're struggling with, I ask them if they have tapped for it. 

At the same time, time and again I fail at tapping for my own issues. I either don't know where to start, what to say, or am so overwhelmed by my emotions that I just flop down in front of the TV to watch a bunch of crap, which I know isn't a healthy choice. Then I beat myself up the next morning for staying up too late, not sleeping well, and most importantly not using tapping when I know it would make me feel better.
Can you relate?

If you have tapped for any length of time, I'm guessing that you have struggled with at least two of the five struggles above.

I immediately reached out to this client to let her know how common that issue was, and that she is not alone, because I used to be just like her.
When I first learned to tap I was in exactly the same situation...
I loved tapping, but it felt like my tapping sessions were hit or miss
I first learned about tapping back in 2007, when I was trying to find relief from my chronic social anxiety. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't ask for help in a store, avoided most social gatherings, and rarely answered my phone. 

The solution I found was simple. I decided to do the scariest thing I could imagine: I started online dating.

I'd set up a date in a neighborhood that was about a 25-minute walk from my home and I would tap all the way there. After going on a number of dates over the course of about six weeks, my social anxiety was gone.

It was truly amazing and much to my friends' and family's chagrin, I turned into one of those tapping zealots. You know the might even have been one yourself. I shared about tapping at every opportunity I had. I told my friends about it and constantly recommended it to my family. There were countless times in bars, coffee shops, and airplanes when I felt compelled to share it with unsuspecting strangers.

But there was a problem. 

Well, there were a number of problems…
  • Sometimes tapping didn't seem to work.
  • ​I had no clue where to start on certain issues, even though I felt sure tapping would work if I did.
  • ​All the websites advised me to "be as specific as possible" but for some issues I didn't know how to do that.
  • ​There would be days or even weeks when I didn't tap at all.
I can remember sitting at my desk one day, organizing the dozens of tapping articles and ebooks I had downloaded (remember, this was back in 2007, so online videos weren't really a thing yet) and thinking to myself "There must be a better way to figure out how to get tapping to work all of the time."

So I decided to do something that in retrospect seems obvious: ask for help from people with more experience. But I didn't do it in the normal way... 

I Decided To Create A Podcast
AND the good news is you don't have to
A little background about me...I am severely dyslexic, which makes learning from written materials challenging for me. But when I hear someone explain something out loud, I remember it forever. That's why I have always loved audiobooks, teleclasses, and audio training.

In 2007 this new thing called podcasting was just starting to gain a foothold on the internet. I was listening to loads of podcasts and loving the experience.

As I struggled to achieve the success I wanted with tapping, I decided to create a podcast about tapping. I was motivated by two reasons.

First, I assumed other people were experiencing the same struggles with tapping as I was. If I could interview experts about tapping, getting answers to the most common questions from their experience, then everyone would get better at tapping.

Second, I selfishly saw it as my chance to get my own most pressing questions about tapping answered, so that I could get more out of my own tapping. 

Having the opportunity to pick the best brains in the tapping world meant that I quickly learned how to get more out of each tapping session, how to find root causes quickly, and my overall confidence in tapping soared. 

I want you to have the same experience AND I don't want you to have to create a podcast to get it!
Imagine what it would be like to be able to access some of the smartest minds in tapping at the touch of a button, teaching you exactly how to get the most out of your tapping.
Fourteen years later we are in the opposite position when it comes to finding instruction and advice about tapping. There are now literally tens of thousands of websites, videos, audios, and trainings about tapping. The issue is no longer finding information, but finding the information that is most useful for you.

I want you to be successful every single time you sit down to tap.

I want you to feel like you don't just know how to tap, but you know how to tap for the very issue you are grappling with. 

I want you to know exactly where to start with the issue, and how to find the underlying root causes.

Most importantly, I want your day and your life to be better after you have tapped. 
Every time you sit down to tap, I would love you to feel that it is a good investment of your time and that you are in a better place because you took some time for yourself
 (which you definitely need to do!)
That is why I created the...
Tapping Success Academy!!!
I have gathered 17 of the most experienced tapping practitioners and trainers from around the world who have a combined experience of more than 200 years of tapping with clients. 
In this series of exclusive masterclasses they hold nothing back, sharing their very best tools and strategies for how they use tapping every day, both with their clients and for themselves.
Here is everything included in the Tapping Success Academy
16 Masterclasses From Expert Practitioners
Learn from the brightest minds in tapping and transformation how to get more out of your tapping practice. Between them, the 17 experts featured have over 200 years of experience of tapping with clients. These highly skilled practitioners share exactly how to get to root causes and how to create relief in the areas of taking action, health, wealth, and relationships. The best part of the instruction is that it isn't just a description of a theoretical approach to tapping, but instead these practitioners teach practical step-by-step approaches you can use immediately.

The 16 sessions cover:

  • Get Unstuck And Take Action w/ Sue Beer & Emma Roberts
  • Uncovering The Roots Of Self-Sabotage w/ Steve Wells
  • ​Using Goal Bridges To Move Forward w/ Peta Stapleton
  • ​Taking Inspired Actions w/ Nancy Forrester
  • ​Transform Your Health At A Cellular Level w/ Dr. Kim D'Eramo
  • Reduce And Release Anxiety w/ Julie Schiffman
  • ​Traffic Light Tapping w/ Gwyneth Moss
  • ​Install New Internal Programing w/ Mary Ayers
  • ​Develop The Mindset For Professional Success w/ Pamela Bruner
  • ​Release The Fear Of Putting Yourself Out There w/ Craig Weiner
  • ​Success Is No Accident w/ Carol Look
  • Transform Your Relationship With Money w/ Brad Yates
  • Creating Healthy Supportive Relationships w/ Rick Wilkes
  • Transforming And Healing Grief, Both Big And Small w/ Kris Ferraro
  • Communicating Clearly In Times Of Strife w/ Jondi Whitis
  • Create Space For Fulfilling Romantic Relationships w/ Alina Frank
Additional Audio Instruction For Every Masterclass
Each of the 16 masterclasses comes with a bonus audio commentary track. In these audios Gene Monterastelli highlights the juicy parts of each masterclass, provides additional instruction, and offers further insight to help you to apply the teachings to your tapping practice. This constitutes an additional 8 hours of instruction.
16 Tap-Along Experiences
When you learn a new approach to tapping, it can be difficult to know exactly how to apply that knowledge in your daily tapping. To solve that problem, each of 16 masterclasses has a companion tap-along audio to give you examples of how to incorporate the tools in your tapping, and to provide healing and relief as you tap along. These audios are also perfect for those times when you can't focus because of your emotional distress. All you have to do is hit play and tap along.
Tapping Success Academy Workbook
The Tapping Success Academy Workbook includes detailed notes from all 16 masterclasses, with every tool taught in the program broken down into a simple step-by-step process. These notes are designed to help you to integrate and master the teachings without having to wade through hours of audios searching for a particular tool.
Tapping Journal
So many tappers complain that they don't tap regularly enough. This tapping journal will encourage you to stay accountable as you keep track of your tapping goals, record your progress, and build the habit of tapping regularly. The journal also includes a worksheet to track your journey through the Tapping Success Academy materials.
And that's not all! Also included as part of the Tapping Success Academy are 10 amazing bonuses!
10 Additional  Bonuses

Gratitude Tapping

EFT Master Carol Look provides two powerful tap-along audios to help you resonate more deeply with the feeling of gratitude. Tuning in to gratitude will amplify your ability to take action and enhance the results of those actions.

Surrogate Tapping with Children

Jondi Whitis teaches you a simple, customizable process for surrogate tapping for children. This ebook also includes tapping charts and wording that make it easier to teach children to tap and to help them to tap on their own.

Tap Into Possibility

In this video series Dr. Kim D'Eramo guides you through tapping sequences for pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The program also includes 10 written tapping scripts for depression, pain, anxiety, fatigue, anger, feeling like a victim, being fed up, sleep, releasing other people's energy, and letting go of limiting beliefs about self.

What To Say When You Tap

In this ebook Mary Ayers teaches you how to jump-start your tapping practice with words and ideas that you can apply immediately in your life!

Tap Into Life

In this ebook Julie Schiffman teaches how to incorporate tapping into your daily life to become the best version of yourself. Learn how to name where you would like to go, how to uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back, and how to tap for the resistance that you encounter.

Goal Setting

Learn from Dr. Peta Stapleton how to use EFT Tapping to set and achieve a goal. This video has never been offered outside of one of Peta's longer training sessions before.

Emotional Support Circle 

Two months of access to Rick Wilkes's nine monthly zoom sessions and eight digital coaching programs. 

Tapping into Peak Performance

Tune into this audio series from Steve Wells to learn his seven-step process for peak performance with tapping.

Nurturing Your True Identity

Based on Sue Beer's book, Healing the Addicted Heart, this audio series guides you through how to work through internal conflict and self-sabotage so that you can show up in the world as your true self.

Conscious EFT 101 

In this 5 part video series, Nancy Forrester shares what Conscious EFT™ is, why it's important and how it leads to safe, significant and sustainable change. 
Super Cool Bonus #1
Now is the time...
To get the most out of your tapping practice
This is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself to get the most out of your tapping practice. Let these 17 practitioners show you step-by-step how they tap with their clients and how they tap on their own.

Never again will you feel like you don't know where to start when you sit down to tap, regardless of the issues that you struggle with the most. These tools and techniques will also make it much easier to create a regular tapping practice so that you aren't beating yourself up for not tapping when you know you should.

AND remember there is a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just say the word and we will send you a full refund.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Tapping Success Academy!
  • 16 Masterclasses ($432 value)
  • Additional Audio Instruction For Every Masterclass ($288 value)
  • 16 Tap-Along Experiences ($112 value)
  • Tapping Success Academy Workbook ($19 value)
  • Tapping Journal ($19 value)
  • ​Bonus 1: Gratitude Tapping ($27 value)
  • ​Bonus 2: Surrogate Tapping With Children ($27 value)
  • ​Bonus 3: Tap Into Possibility ($89 value)
  • ​Bonus 4: What To Say When You Tap ($20 value)
  • ​Bonus 5: Goal Setting ($17 value)
  • ​Bonus 6: Emotional Support Circle ($54 value)
  • ​Bonus 7: Tapping into Peak Performance ($37 value)
  • ​Bonus 8: Nurturing Your True Identity ($40 value)
Total Value: $1,181
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